Who we are

XP Unit is a creative agency based in Paris. Founded by Tom Formont and Roman Weil, both engineers and designers, they merge Art, Technology and Design to produce strong experiences for various fields such as set design, dance & performance, fashion & concerts. Convinced that technology conveys a wide range of emotions, they work in a permanent research of novelty to produce sensitive installations.

"Their work is a contemporary stone to the cultural edifice of party. It evokes this sacred of transgression that Roger Caillois, George Bataille and Michel Leiris had called "active sacred", and which emerges from the festive space.

The party is always the reflection of the society which celebrates it. Lavish under Louis XIV in Versailles, sparkling and dreamed in Venice, in the palace Labia in 1951, orgiastic in the decadent Rome of Fellini in psychedelic and unifying in Woodstock in 69, democratic in the intoxication of the night at the Palace, in Paris, at the very early 80's, less urban, more nomadic, it is a techno-sensory techno-sensorial fusion in 2020.

Tom and Roman's artistic devices are the expression of this. With their machines, technology joins the senses to feed of a new culture of letting go."

Constance Rubini, director of madd-bordeaux.


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